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Timshina Diana Vladimirovna, Candidate of economic sciences, head of sub-department of mathematics and informatics, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation (branch in Novorossiysk) (56 Vidova street, Novorossiysk, Russia),

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Background. Efficiency of enterpise management depends on the interaction of various factors. Considering these factors as some specific information, possessing its own properties and effecting product competitiveness, the informational-technological factor acts as a basic one. Its essence lies in creation of an integrated informational space of enterprise management and in provision of the access to use it in order to support decision making in real time. Integrated corporative information systems (CIS) appear to be a real expression of the present factor. The aim of the article is to research information systems in organizations of Novorossiysk (subsys-tems of strategic and production management); to estimate the useage of functional capabilities of software, information resources and technologies for realization of business processes of enterprises and support of managerial decision making. Organizations’ corporative information systems are the research subject.
Materials and methods. The author conducted the research in the form of distant survey. Answers of 23 respondents were picked. The survey was carried out among private production enterprises, delivering products and (or) services. Organizations of state and municipal form of property and financial-credit enterprises were not sur-veyed. To calculate the indexes the author used the sampling method and the mean value method. To estimate the quality characteristics of software the researcher used the technique based on the Russian Federation standards: GOST ISO/IEC 9126–93, GOST 28195-89 and ISO/IEC 12207–95. The survey was filled by managers, execu-tives, IT-unit managers, chief engineers, directors.
Results. The study determined as follows: parts of ERP-systems of various platforms, implemented at enterprises; the software (systems) composition, application thereof for realization of functional objectives of strategic management and support of business processes of production management; the realized CIS potential (ERP system units); share of enterprises using BI-technologies and having a web page/web portal. The author estimated CIS of enterprises on the basis of the analysis of soft-ware product’s correspondence to quality indicators. The study has revealed a positive effect of CIS implementation and factors of CIS implementation efficiency.
Conсlusions. The research results allow to conclude about the degree of CIS implementation at enterprises and the development of the latter, as well as the degree of modern software and BItechnologies usage by managers, which allows to estimate the role of CIS in enterprise’s economic development.

Key words

corporative information system (CIS), ERP system, CIS estimation, system of strategic management, system of production management, BItechnologies, efficiency factors.

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